2007-2008 News

May 23, 2008


Sarah Kain is the valedictorian at Community Christian School where she has attended since K3. She is involved in many clubs and organizations: Student Council (President), National Honor Society (President), Yearbook Club, Drama Club, Journalism Club, Drama Club, Varsity Golf Team, and Varsity Mascot.

Sarah has always stood as a leader to other students and hopes in the future to serve in a foreign mission field. For now, she plans to attend Lamar University where she will major in 3-D Drafting.

Congratulations to Community Christian Schools’s 2007/2008 valedictorian, Sarah Kain. We are proud of you.



Cory Rogers is the salutatorian at Community Christian School where he has attended since first grade. Over the years, he’s been involved in many clubs: Yearbook, Journalism, and the National Honor Society where he served as President and Vice-President.

He has great plans for the future thanks to the support of his parents, Vince and Mary Jane Rogers. Cory will be taking a mechanical role at Rogers Lumber Co., the family-owned business, in operation since 1947.

Family business is not Cory’s only passion. His only regret in leaving high school is that he also leaves behind competing in his all-time favorite sport, basketball. He’s won Most Valuable Player and placed First Team in the Varsity Zone Awards and Second Team in the All District Awards. And if Cory has his way, he’ll be coaching somewhere along the way.

There will always be young people who need Cory’s training whether on the basketball court or in the family’s business. Community Christian School applauds Cory Rogers, our salutatorian of 2007/2008.

May 23, 2008

Community Christian School congratulates the winners of the ACSI Math League
competition for the 2007 – 2008 school year.

FRONT: Harvey Hammond, Amanda Royer, Christina Pryor, Katherine Tibbitts
BACK: Ronnie Lee, Math League Coordinator for CCS, Katie McAfee, Katie Moseley, Donovan Armstrong, Sarah Moseley, Chelsea Mires


CCS Awards:
Pre Algebra:
1st Place – Harvey Hammond
2nd Place – Amanda Royer

Algebra I:
1st Place – Donovan Armstrong
2nd Place – Katherine Tibbitts

Algebra II:
1st Place – Sarah Moseley
2nd Place – Chelsea Mires
3rd Place – Katie McAfee

1st Place – Chelsea Mires
2nd Place – Sarah Moseley
3rd Place – Katie McAfee

1st Place (Tie) – Katy Moseley and Christina Pryor


Regional Awards:
Algebra II: Sarah Moseley – 2nd place (silver medal)
Chelsea Mires – 3rd place (bronze medal)


May 19, 2008


Community Christian School is proud to announce our 2007/2008 graduating class:
FRONT-Carissa Holland, Cory Rogers, Anna Brossette BACK-Sarah Kain, Maria Pulido

May 19, 2008

Storybook Character Day at Community Christian School

Mrs. Stafford’s fifth grade class.

Mrs. Westmoreland’s 3rd grade class.

May 14, 2008

Superior Rating In Writing For Caitlin

Community Christian School applauds junior Caitlin Skidmore for earning a superior rating at the 2007-2008 ACSI Regional Creative Writing competition. Her story entitled, “Sarah” was entered in the short story 9-12 grade division. After receiving a superior rating at the district level, Caitlin competed at the regional level and was one of only two out of all the entries at the competition who were awarded the superior status.

Congratulations for a job well done.

May 14, 2008

CCS Students Compete At Chemistry Olympiad

At the ACSI Chemistry Olympiad, Tyler Leifeste Placed 1st at Community Christian School and 29th in the area schools out of 101 students.

Jonathan Leroux placed 2nd at CCS and 50th in the area schools. Jessica was 3rd place at CCS and 83rd in the area schools.

pictured left to right – Debbie Snyder, Jessica Jay, Tyler Leifeste, Jonathan Leroux

April 22, 2008

4th and 5th Graders Celebrate Hard Work

Community Christian School 4th and 5th graders took a day off from their labors to celebrate a great accomplishment: extraordinary reading above and beyond class requirements. Thanks to their teachers, Paula Pulliam and Gaye Stafford, each grade participated in Book It, 600 minutes Reading Club, and the Accelerated Reader program. The 5th grade tracked their progress, and they recently passed the 200-mark. Mrs. Stafford said, “This is a hard-working class that deserved a reward for their accomplishment.”

Congratulations to all you readers!

April 22, 2008

Students Show Their “Brain” Power at Math Olympics

Community Christian School congratulates the achievement of the students at Math Olympics. Students first complete a qualifying process, then compete with other ACSI schools in a rigorous round of mathematical trials.

Pictured are, front row: Cierra Cezar (Computation-Excellent), Arianna Alford (Computation-Excellent), Alayna Bergeron (Reasoning-Excellent), Tyler Bevlaqua (Computation-Good), Matthew Rainey (Reasoning-Excellent), James Pulliam (Computation-Excellent), Christion Sweeten (Reasoning-Excellent), Marcus Delarosa (Reasoning-Excellent), Nathan Rose (Reasoning-Excellent and the gold medal); mid row: Marissa Gray (Reasoning-Excellent), M’Kenzie Jones (Computation-Excellent), Nikkiah Pulliam (Computation-Good), Torren Allison (Computation-Good), Danielle Gyasi (Reasoning-Excellent), Justin Meaux (Excellent), Blake Dupre (Computation- Excellent), Rebecca Tibbitts (Reasoning-Excellent and the gold medal); back row: Blair Dupre (Computation-Excellent and the gold medal), Brittni James (Computation-Excellent and the gold medal), Dave Rainey (Computation-Excellent), Matthew McAfee (Reasoning-Excellent and the gold medal), Rachael Hunnicutt (Computation-Excellent), Aaron Rose (Reasoning-Superior and the gold medal). Not pictured: Lauren Jackson (Reasoning-Good). Great Job!

April 18, 2008

Community Christian School Robotics Club Meets NASA Robot

Thanks to a new program at Community Christian School, students get up-close and personal with their own robots. After they build the Lego NXT, students use computers to program the robot to accomplish numerous tasks. The Robotics Club members, Rachael Hunnicutt, Hannah Royer, Blair Dupre, Nathan Zerko, Dave Rainey, Jacob Martin, Alex Parrish, Blake Dupre, and Devon Mires, were accompanied by the junior high robotics instructor, Brent Faulk, the elementary robotics sponsors, Tony Dupre and Gene Mires, and the high school principal, Denise Block. Starting out with the Lego NXT is the first step for the CCS Robotics Club. These students are NASA scientists-in-the-making.

To take them to the next level, NASA gave them an invitation-only tour of the Robotics Department which included a peek at NASA’s next generation hardware, Robonaut. He has hands like an astronaut but sits on a base like a four-wheeler so he is mobile even in space.

Perhaps the most intriguing robot was Spiderbot which has eight legs and can crawl around the outside of the space station to make repairs.

At NASA, even the cars are robotic. The new vehicle for driving on the moon has 12-wheel drive and can be manipulated from inside the space station.

The largest member of the robotic team is the Canadarm 2. Weighing 3620 lb, Canadarm2 is 57.7 feet long when fully extended and has seven motorized joints and a 15-jointed dexterous hand. It’s capable of handling large payloads and helps dock the space shuttle. Canadarm2 can also move around the Space Station like an inchworm. It consists of many Lego-like “on-orbit replaceable units” (ORUs), which you can take apart in Lego fashion and replace as needed. So the Robotics Club is well on their way to earning their place alongside NASA scientists.

What made the tour even more exciting was watching the astronauts themselves as they trained for their upcoming mission in November. Thank you, NASA, especially Sandy Peck and Kristian Mueller of the Robotics Development & Testing Branch.

Click Here to see more Robotics Club photos.

April 18, 2008

Chamber of Commerce Honors Student of the Month

The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce honors graduating honor students from area schools each month. This program honors students for their hard work and teaches them how professionals in the community, in particular the Chamber, can impact others. Sarah Kain and Cory Rogers of Community Christian School were chosen for outstanding academic achievement and exemplary Christian character. Sarah was accompanied by her father, Richard Kain. Cory was accompanied by his parents, Mary Jane and Vince Rogers, and his grandparents, Connie and Jerry Rogers. Chamber members Rose Samir, Charlotte Boaz, Misty Bornholdt-Winder, Julia Myers, Pauline Hargrove, Shirley Zimmerman, Jerry Hughes, and Fran Hulsey presented the awards at Community Christian School amazing the crowd of students when they passed out additional door prizes. Also in attendance were Denise Block, M.Ed., HS Principal, and Dr. Fred Smith, Jr. Ed.D., Guidance Counselor at CCS. Congratulations Sarah Kain and Cory Rogers for a job well done.

April 15, 2008

Community Christian School and SLi Serve the Community

Check out the photos below.


The Student Leadership institute is a program implemented by Laverne Eaves, the SLi director, this year at Community Christian School which teaches students how to be leaders in the community and in their personal lives. After attending hands-on workshops and informational assemblies all year, the Junior High and High school students, accompanied by a school sponsor, spend a week serving the community.

Maureen Street, CCS Curriculum Director, escorted Jade Corbello, Amy Hanks, Krislon Lona, Amanda Royer, and Noella Schluter to aid the elderly with tasks they are no longer able to perform in the home and in their yards.

Lisa Berwick, World History teacher, and several parents drove to Camp Otanya, a Camp Fire Girls’ retreat near Kirbyville, to prepare for the summer camping season. Zackery Anderson, Daniel Battise, Ethan Berwick, Brandon Burns, Nathan Landolt, Ryan Whitten, and Tyler Whitten painted cabins, built a butterfly garden, and cleaned the grounds.

At Dry Creek Christian Camp, sponsors Sharon Monk and Alyssa Hale, Junior High teachers, and Brent Faulk, Assistant Children’s Pastor, and several parents oversaw the “face-lift” of the camp. Students Ashlyn Akhtar, Donovan Armstrong, Elliot Atkinson, Gary Bell, Ivey Benoit, Brady Boatman, Brooke Boatman, Haley Brack, James Herbert, Alex Hurst, Jay Kibodeaux, Samantha Leifeste, Jacob Martin, Taylor Godwin, Leah Harrington, Lauren Leger, Sara Scarborough, Katherine Tibbitts, and Madalyn Tran-Reno gathered hundreds of giant pine cones, pulled weeds, raked and swept.

April Brown, Athletics Instructor, Jamie Foster, regular substitute teacher, and Judy Klein, the Algebra I teacher, accompanied Brett Foster, DeAndre Jones, Jonathan LeRoux, Matthew McAfee, Alex Parrish, David Rainey, and Mary Ann Riley. They assisted the Orange Corps of the Salvation Army by organizing closets and storage buildings and cleaning the grounds around the buildings.

At the Salvation Army Thrift Store, Carma Judy and several volunteer parents helped students Heather Floersheim, Shelby Gibson, Hannah Girndt, Harvey Hammond, Lauren Jackson, Brittni James, Josie Jay, Mallori Parrish, and Nathan Zerko as they sorted bins of clothing and household items, straightened shelves, washed windows, and swept floors.

Sophomores: Amber Akhtar, Kelsey Benoit, Darrin Cannon, Corye James, Katie McAfee, Chelsea Mires, Sarah Moseley, Billy Palmer, Katie Palmer, Christina Pulido, Angie Royer, and Juniors: Heather Battise, Jessica Jay, Tyler Leifeste, Katelyn Moseley, Christina Pryor, Haley Richardson, and Caitlyn Skidmore were accompanied by Denise Block, the high school principal, Dr. Fred Smith, Jr., the school counselor, and a number of parents. This group toured area universities in preparation for leadership roles as college freshmen.

The final group traveled all the way to San Antonio and the Latin American Bible Institute in San Antonio where they met with Edgar Ackerman and AGORA Ministries. Seniors Anna Brossette, Carissa Hollan, Sarah Kain, Maria Pulido, and Cory Rogers accompanied by their sponsors, David and Sandy Wagner, sorted canned goods, stuffed 8,000 Easter eggs, handed out flyers to invite the poverty-stricken tenants of the West End to the council meeting and the Easter egg hunt, painted walls, cleaned the AGORA building, and finally held a huge Easter egg hunt for the underprivileged children of the area.

Each trip was a rousing success which served our community and showed the students what it’s like to impact the world. According to one student, “I think we all learned that we should be thankful for what we have and stop worrying about what we don’t have.”

April 10, 2008

Thanks For Our NEW Bus

Community Christian School wants to thank donors from our parent church for the beautiful new bus. We appreciate your support.

April 10, 2008

Citizenship Day in the City of Orange

Community Christian School sent four students to participate with all Orange and Vidor area schools in the city’s Citizenship Day. This event is sponsored each year by the Kiwanis Club with the cooperation of the City of Orange, the Orange County, the Chamber of Commerce, the Port of Orange/Orange Economic Development, and the Texas Workforce to teach students about government, law, and business within the city government. Students were collected from area schools and taken to the city’s offices to participate in mock trials, city council, or city business meetings.

Today, Bill Klein, Kiwanis member and President of Economic Development Corporation for Orange, transported Community Christian School students to participate in the city’s meetings. Our mayor for the day was Lauren Leger, acting for Mayor William Brown Claybar. Lauren Jackson was the Director of Finance for Gail English. Zackery Anderson acted for Shawn Oubre as City Manager. Kelsey Benoit was the City Secretary for Kerry Kittrell. These students were selected by Judy Klein of the Social Studies Department for their outstanding character and scholastic achievements.

After a morning in city government, the students were spectators with the city’s finest as the Crime Lab and the Fire Department rolled out a display of all the city’s bells and whistles complete with a burst of 1,000 gallons of water in three seconds from a fire engine hose.

At the conclusion of Citizenship Day, Pastor Daniel Rose, the administrator of Community Christian School joined other school administrators, Kiwanis Club members, and City officials to honor the students at a banquet at First Baptist Church of Orange.

April 10, 2008


Pictured above – left to right front: Arianna Alford, Jacob Rainey, Macy Leblanc, Rylan Odom, Josh Howard; left to right back: Nicholas Zerko, Ethan Beard, Aaron Rose, Shelby McMillan, and Danielle Gyasi.

Community Christian School congratulates the winners of the ACSI Speech Meet at Pecan Street Christian Academy in Houston, Texas.

2nd grade: Macy Leblanc- Excellent for Poetry; Jacob Rainey- Superior and the Gold medal for Fable.

3rd grade: Josh Howard- Superior and the Gold medal for Poetry; Rylan Odom- Superior and a Bronze medal for Fable.

4th grade: Danielle Gyasi- Superior for Poetry; Ethan Beard- Good for Fable

5th grade: Shleby McMillan- Good for Bible; Nicholas Zerko- Excellent for Dramatic Prose; Aaron Rose- Excellent for Patriotic Oration; Arianna Alford- Superior and the Silver medal for Poetry.

Thanks to their sponsors for all the hard work: Laurie Beard, Elementary Principal, and Sheila Whitten, 2nd grade teacher.

April 9, 2008

Regional Science Fair WINNERS!

Front left to right-Josh Howard, Rebecca Tibbits, Patrick Riley; Back left to right-Ashlyn Akhtar, Samantha Leifeste, Ivey Benoit.

Community Christian School applauds the winning efforts of our students at the Regional Science Fair- Josh Howard- Superior, Patrick Riley- Excellent, Rebecca Tibbitts- Excellent, Ariana Alford- Superior and the Silver Medal, Ivey Benoit- Excellent, Ashlyn Akhtar- Superior, Samantha Leifeste- Superior and the Bronze medal. Great Job to our hard-working students!!!

April 8, 2008

Chevron Donates 17 Computers To CCS

Community Christian School extends our appreciation to the Chevron-Phillips Chemical Company for their outstanding recent donations. The computer lab received 17 Dell computers with the keyboards and mouse through the efforts of Gene Mires, Vicki Derese, and Eugene Sam III, employees at Chevron-Phillips. Gene Mires was also instrumental in obtaining a $350 Good Neighbor Award from Chevron-Phillips by volunteering as a judge at the recent Science Fair. Gene is the father of Devon Mires, 3rd grade, and Chelsea Mires, 10th grade. We are grateful for the support of our hard-working parents and local businesses.

March 25, 2008

2nd Grade Helps Out Orange Christian Services

The 2nd Grade class at Community Christian School collected 357 rolls of toilet paper for Orange Christian Services. The students earned the money themselves to purchase the toilet paper. This was the 2nd grade service project for SLI (Student Leadership Institute) this school year.

March 6, 2008

Junior High Basketbal Grabs 3rd Place

Congratulations to the Community Christian School Junior High Basketball team and their coach Ken McAfee for being undefeated in their division and winning third place at the All Saints Tournament.

March 4, 2008

Darrin Cannon and Angela Royer Shine At Track Meet

Congratulations to Darrin Cannon who placed 5th in the 400m dash and Angela Royer who placed 4th in the mile at the LCM track meet. Well done!

March 4, 2008
CCS Basketball Dream Team
Mouse over number on the left to view




The Junior High basketball boys’ team, coached by Ken McAfee, has been quite the dream team this year, remaining undefeated for the season. This year’s team: Matthew McAfee, Brett Foster, Alex Parrish, David Rainey, Jacob Martin, Joseph Pulido, Deandre Jones, and Chase Hogan.
Mouse over number on the left to view




The varsity boys’ team took 3rd place in the East Zone. Team members: Cory Rogers, Tyler Leifeste, Darrin Cannon, Corye James, Brady Boatman, Daniel Battise, Zach Anderson, Ethan Berwick, Alex Hurst, Tyler Whitten, Ryan Whitten, and Donovan Armstrong, coached by Raymond LeRoux and asst. coach, Randy Boatman.
Mouse over number on the left to view





The girls’ varsity team, led by their coach Jimmy Sims, placed 2nd in the East zone. The team included: Heather Battise, Katy Moseley, Angie Royer, Christina Pulido, Sarah Moseley, Katie McAfee, Kelsey Benoit, Amber Akhtar, and Mallori Parrish.

Way to go Lions!









March 4, 2008

Zone Awards

In the Varsity Basketball East Zone Awards, Cory Rogers placed 1st Team, Darrin Cannon and Brady Boatman placed on the 2nd Team.

For the Lady Lions- Sarah Moseley, Mallori Parrish, and Christina Pulido placed 1st Team, Katie McAfee, Heather Battise, and Katy Moseley placed 2nd Team. Community Christian School LIONS are the best!

March 3, 2008

Torren’s Amazing Rise to District

Torren Allison, a CCS fifth grader in Mrs. Stafford’s class, has been spelling her way across Texas. She began her career as Community Christian School’s premier speller when she represented CCS at Ft. Bend Academy in Houston, TX, on November 3, 2007. She beat all the other fifth graders to take the first place ribbon and advance to the school spell-off. Out of 75 students, she placed second to win her place among students advancing to District. At District, in Dallas, TX, on February 23, 2007, Torren excelleded again, 8th place out of 68 students from the fifth–eighth grade. She was the only fifth grader still standing in the competition. CCS is proud of Torren!

March 3, 2008


The CCS student council recently sponsored an ART & HEART Contest. And the winners are: Lindsay Burns in the lower elementary, Dexter Redd in the upper elementary, Krislon Lona in the junior high, and Katherine Tibbitts in the high school. Beautiful Job!

March 3, 2008

CCS Voted BEST Preschool

Community Christian School wins first place in the 2008 Reader’s Choice for Best Preschool. Congratulations to a great team of teachers: Susie May, Patrice Bates- Asst. Director, Sandy Wagner- Director, Susan Garrison, Dorothy Bean, and not pictured- Marilyn Sylestine and Becky Inman. Thank you to all the parents who voted CCS the Best!

March 1, 2008

CCS Cheerleaders Take 1st Place
CLICK HERE to see the video

Community Christian School Cheerleaders Take First Place at the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders’ 8th Annual South Central Championships in Frisco, Texas. Congratulations Leah Harrington, Rainy Strickland, Lauren Leger, Jade Corbello, Rachael Hunnicutt, Brittni James, Ivey Benoit, Noella Schluter, and their sponsors Stacy Brittain and Tammy Corbello. Way to go CCS Cheerleaders!

February 27, 2008

CCS Science Fair


The Community Christian School Science Fair was a great success! Congratulations to all our participants and thanks to Dr. Fred Smith, Jr., Susan Cook, and Lisa Berwick for sponsoring this event. Special thanks to our guest judges: Laurie Beard, the elementary principal; Brent Faulk, Asst. Children’s Pastor; Gene Mires and Robin Clark from Chevron-Phillips; Mr. J.D. Parden and Dr. Ravi Kaggel of Invista.

K-5 Project Award
Nate Brown “Volcanoes” 2nd Place Ribbon
Marlie Deason “Adam and Eve” 1st Place Ribbon
Kade Franklin “Gods oldest creature” 2nd Place Ribbon
Colt Fuller “Life of a Butterfly” 2nd Place Ribbon
Makayla Garcia “Genesis” 1st Place Ribbon
Felicity Matthews “Horses” 1st  Place Ribbon
Hannah Sherin “Bears” 1st Place Ribbon

1st Grade Project Award
Emily Bingham “Horse Facts” 2nd Place Ribbon
Lilly Johnson “Gods Little Frogs” 1st Place Ribbon
Allison Le “How Much Salt..” 1st Place Ribbon
Mattilyn Matthews “Jelly Fish” 2nd Place Ribbon
J. Michael Woodcraft “Toad and Tree Frog” 1st Place Ribbon

2nd Grade Project Award
Amaris Berwick “Is Mr. Phats, the Frog, Really a Pig?” 1st Place Ribbon
Lindsey Burns “Sea Creatures” 2nd Place Ribbon
Reagan Hambrick “United States Terrain And Climate” 1st place Ribbon
Macy LeBlanc “Crystals” 2nd place Ribbon

3rd Grade Project Award
Josh Howard “Making a Battery” Superior
Patrick Riley “Light of the World” Superior
Theresa Beckett “Rocks and Minerals” Good
Sarah Fare “Treasures of the Earth” Honorable Mention
Valerie Leblue “Elephants” Good

4th Grade Project Award
Rebecca Tibbits “The Silliest Putty” Superior
Danielle Gyasi “The Nervous System” Honorable Mention
M’Kenzie Jones “Spud Power” Excellent
Jonathan Sills “Tornados” Good

5th Grade Project Award
Arianna Alford “Tumbling into Gymnastics” Superior
Aaron Rose “DNA Extractions” Excellent
Nickolas Zerko “Potato Power” Good
Courtney Anderson “Reptiles” Honorable Mention

8th Grade Project Award
Ivey Beniot “Freshen Up” Superior
Ashlyn Akthar “Whitener Test…What brand is the Best?” Superior
Samantha Leifeste “Got Dirt” Superior
James Herbert “Saltwater Crystals” Good
Lauren Jackson “This Flashlight of Mine…How Long will it Shine?” Excellent
Noella Schluter “Hot Ice” Excellent
Sara Scarborough “Diet…is it worth it?” Good
Amanda Royer “Take the Cola” Challenge” Excellent
Krislon Lona “Crystals” Good
Elliot Atkinson “Static Electricity” Honorable Mention
Jade Corbello “Suck it up” Excellent
Harvey Hammond “Salt vs. Sugar Crystals” Honorable Mention
Amy Hanks “Eye Shadow, Which One Last Longest” Good
Madalyn TranReno “You’re so Rotten” Good
Haley Brack “Stain, Stain Go Away” Excellent
Brooke Boatman “What’s Your Identity?” Excellent

10th Grade Project Award
Chelsea Mires “Words for Life” Excellent

Several students are advancing to Regional Science Fair Competition March 12, 2008 in Humble, Texas: Josh Howard, Patrick Riley, Rebecca Tibbitts, Arianna Alford, Ivey Benoit, Ashlyn Akhtar, Samantha Leifeste

February 26, 2008

CCS Students NEW Members Of The National Junior Honor Society

Seventeen students from Community Christian School were inducted as new members of the National Junior Honor Society in a ceremony held at school on January 28, 2008. Members were selected by the chapter’s Faculty Council for meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and character.

Students inducted were: Ashlyn Akhtar, Ivey Benoit, Brooke Boatman, Haley Brack, Jade Corbello, Brett Foster, Taylor Godwin, Leah Harrington, Lauren Jackson, Brittni James, Lauren Leger, Samantha Leifeste, Jacob Martin, Matthew McAfee, David Rainey, Sarah Scarborough, and Noella Schluter.

We are very proud to recognize these outstanding members of our student body. National Honor Society members are chosen for their exemplary contributions to the school and community and are expected to maintain these standards.

The high school chapter of NHS inducted 13 students: Donovan Armstrong, Ethan Berwick, Brandon Burns, Josie Jay, Mallori Parrish, Amber Akhtar, Kelsey Benoit, Corye James, Katherine McAfee, Chelsea Mires, Sarah Moseley, Angela Royer, and Kaitlyn Moseley. The chapter advisor for the high school is Ronnie Lee.

Each year the chapter sponsors several service projects for the church, school, and community, some of which included: Blue Santa, serving in the church nursery, preparing and delivering Thanksgiving baskets for the needy, bell ringers for the Salvation Army, and acting as victims for first aid training.

Check out the photos below.


February 26, 2008

New Faces At CCS

CCS is pleased to welcome new staff members: Mrs. Laurie Beard and Dr. Charles Shelton. Mrs. Beard assumes the position as Elementary Principal. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in remedial reading and receives her Master’s from SAGU in December. Her 20 years of teaching experience and 3 years in administration make her a valuable asset to the school. She makes her home in Vidor with her husband, Eldon, and her two children, Ethan in 4th grade, and Erin Faith in Pre-K. Her goal is to make parents more aware of the lasting benefits of Christian education and for students to learn that “You never fail until you stop trying!”

Dr. Shelton is teaching HS Biology and IPC. He and his wife, Julie, reside in Bridge City. He has 23 years experience in the chemical industry field and holds a Master’s degree in Biology. He taught Biology at Lamar University and at Southland Christian School. He also holds a Master’s degree of Divinity and a Doctorate in Ministry and has served in active ministry for ten years. Dr. Shelton wants to impart this truth to our students: “God created you in His image, and you are important and valuable to Him with a great destiny in His kingdom!”

CCS would also like our church family to know that as of August 2007, Mrs. Denise Block assumed a new position as Principal of JH/SH students, grades 6-12. Mrs. Block has been with CCS since 1980. She taught in the elementary here for 20 years and the last seven years has served as Elementary Supervisor. Mrs. Block has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Ed, Certifications in Language Learning Disabled, Emotionally Disturbed, and early childhood. She also has a Master’s in Christian School Administration and is an ordained minister with World Ministry Fellowship. Mrs. Block says, “The passion that keeps me involved with Christian Education comes from Deuteronomy 6:6, 7- ‘These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.’ Christian education partners with parents to fulfill that commandment. That is my passion.” She and her husband of 31 years live in Orange. They have three grown sons, each of whom attended CCS.

What a blessing it is to have educators so excited about our students and Christian education!

December 20, 2007

After-School Art Class with Ann Hoffpauir

We are pleased to announce a partnership on a trial basis with Ann Hoffpauir, local renowned artist (and Mrs. Block’s favorite), for after-school art classes. Mrs. Hoffpauir is the grandmother of India, Dakota, and Jacob Alexander.

The cost is $12 each week for a 11/2 hour class to be held on Thursdays from 3:00-4:30. The class will be limited to 12 students from grades 3-5. Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. A waiting list will be kept in case anyone drops out during the year.

Supply list: a drawing pad- 9×11 or larger, one charcoal and one graphite pencil without erasers, and Prisma colored pencils.

You may contact Mrs. Hoffpauir at 745-2473.

December 13, 2007

Orange Christmas Parade

CCS shined at the Orange Christmas Parade as Mrs. Westmoreland’s third-grade class won a trophy for Second Place in the Religion category, surpassed only by our parent church, Community Church, who walked away with First. Thanks to all the parents who made this happen and came out to support the students.


November 30, 2007

Operation Christmas Child for the Samaritan’s Purse

CCS students from elementary through high school met in chapel to pray over their collection before it is distributed by the mission. This year 103 shoe boxes were filled with supplies to bless children in other countries for Christmas.

Homecoming Week

Excitement was high at CCS as students celebrated school spirit:

Monday’s pajama day was a great hit as students and faculty wandered through the halls in their PJs, robes, and slippers. Mrs. Causey’s first grade class had one hundred percent participation. Way to go!

On Tuesday, we had double vision as the “twins” marched from room-to-room. The sixth-grade boys might have topped us all with their portrayal of camo-clad quintuplets.

Congrats to the Seniors for winning the door decorating contest. Each class spent hours showing off their spirit, and the judges had a difficult time making their choice.

We’re particularly proud of the Lady Lions Varsity Volleyball Team for winning the Homecoming game against Ridgewood.

Make sure to take a look at our Homecoming Court in all their finery.

Homecoming Court:
King Cory Rogers; Queen Maria Pulido
Prince Elliott Atkinson; Princess Ivey Benoit
Dukes & Duchesses
6th—Ryan Tibbitts and Rachael Hunnicutt
7th—Alex Parrish and Lauren Leger
8th—James Herbert and Lauren Jackson
9th—Brandon Burns and Mallori Parrish
10th—Billy Palmer and Joanna Scales
11th—Cody Cupit and Christian Pryor
12th—Carissa Holland (no duke)
Sports Beaus and Sweethearts:
Junior High—David Rainey and Rainy Strickland
High School—Tyler Leifeste and Katharine Tibbitts

Cheerleader Beau—DeAndre Jones

Spirit Door Winners

Lower elementary—K-5 Mrs Cook

Upper elementary—3rd Mrs. Westmoreland

Junior High—7th Mrs. Berwick

High School—12th Mrs. Eaves

Pajama Day

Class Spirit Day

7th Grade

9th Grade

Twins Day


November 14, 2007

Student Leadership Institute (SLI)

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CCS students and faculty are excited about a new program this year, the Student Leadership Institute (SLI). The program is designed for voluntary participation, so we are thrilled to note that 99% of the student body is involved.

SLI will equip students with the knowledge and skills to become Christian leaders in their schools and in the marketplace. The SLI mission, to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a Biblically-based, practical, multi-faceted, year-long program, will address a need revealed in recent research. Most schools believe they are developing leaders, but 95% of them have no deliberate plan.

Though created to mentor grades 7-12, CCS has adapted the program to include K-6th grade. With this program in place, our students will continue to grow in the core principles of SLI:

  • Serving others- Jesus modeled this Biblical leadership principle by focusing more on others than on self.
  • Evangelism/Engaging the Culture- lifestyle evangelism occurs when students internalize God’s call on their lives.
  • Serving in a local church- students must utilize their spiritual gifts within the framework of the local church to truly live as Kingdom student leaders.

The program includes many opportunities to engage students and faculty through:

  • Seminars and lectures from proven Kingdom leaders who teach students a Biblically-based worldview and how to resist the lure of a politically-correct society. Issues faced in the marketplace will also be addressed, emphasizing Science and Medicine; Law and government; Journalism, Arts, and Media; Ministry and Seminary; Business and Industry; Academia and Universities.
  • Off-campus service projects, mission trips, Ambassador programs, Bible studies, mentoring younger students, chapel programs.
  • Large and small groups which develop speaking skills and an ability to facilitate discussions with an emphasis on team building, conflict management, style, vision, organizational skills, and follow through.
  • Leadership conferences with some of the nation’s most respected instruction.
  • Elective courses which could include Attitude, Public Policy, Ethics in Corporate America, Kingdom finances, Cultural Apologetics, Women of Excellence, Men of Excellence, Ministry in Action, Media and the Arts, Conflict resolution.
  • Mission trips.
  • Retreats for building team cooperation and problem solving.

At CCS, our continuing goal is for students to connect campus, community, and church as the school becomes the laboratory for hands-on training in leadership and discipline.

To fulfill their SLI commitment to serve in the community, 6th grade students took their first field trip to Garth House, a Children’s Advocacy Program in Orange. They cleaned and sorted toys, puzzles, and train tracks before giving the children’s dress-up costumes a going over.

November 13, 2007

CCS Students Honor Their Veterans

As patriotic theme songs for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines played in the background, CCS students escorted Veteran friends and loved ones to a special luncheon prepared in their honor. Service pictures, medals, and records of service hung in the background,   a silent testimony to the great service these men and women rendered our country.

Sharon Monk, Junior High teacher, and Dr. Fred Smith, Jr., an Army Veteran and the Career Counselor at CCS, introduced each Veteran by name, including their years of service and branch of military service. At the students continuing applause and reverence for the moment, many a Veteran was brought to tears.

In the words of one student, “I guess it can bring up bad memories, but I think it’s good for them to see that we haven’t forgotten what they did.”

Shields of Strength lent an added esteem to the proceedings when the founder, Kenny Vaughan, spoke of the purpose for Shields of Strength: to bridge the gap between civilians and our military, demonstrating our appreciation of their efforts and sacrifices. Before Mr. Vaughan left, each student and Veteran received an inspirational dog tag engraved with the verse, Joshua 1:9- “I will be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified, or discouraged; for the Lord my God is with me wherever I go.”

The Veterans were also honored by The Gideons International and presented with a uniquely designed camouflage New Testament of the Holy Bible.

CCS wants to extend our deepest appreciation to all Veterans for their sacrifices and dedication to service. We owe you our freedom.

Shields of Strength can be reached at shieldsofstrength.com or 1-800-326-7882. The Gideons can be reached at www.gideons.org.

November 12, 2007

The ACSI District Spelling Bee

The ACSI District Spelling Bee was held at Fort Bend Baptist Academy in Sugarland, TX on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007. Sheri Westmoreland was the CCS Sponsor.

Nineteen schools participated. Haley Brack from the 8th grade placed 4th, Matthew McAfee, 7th grade, placed 3rd, and Torren Allison from the 5th grade placed 2nd in their respective Bees. Torren advanced to the Spell-Off where she took 2nd place. This qualifies her for the Regional Spelling Bee to be held in Dallas on Feb. 23, 2008. Great job!

November 12, 2007


The 6th-8th grade History classes have been collecting money for the South East Texas Food Bank in Beaumont. $1.00 will buy Thanksgiving meals for 11 people. Our students enthusiastically provided for 2,240 meals!

November 1, 2007

NEW “Robotics Club” at CCS

We are excited to inform you of a new program developing here at CCS.  With the help of teachers and volunteers, we are offering students a chance to learn about and explore the world of robotics.  Using the latest robotics curriculum, student will learn all about robotics, starting with basic concepts and working their way into more advanced engineering. Club members will also have a rare chance to travel with our sponsors to NASA, for a behind the scenes look at their robotics department.

The “Robotics Club” will be split into two age groups 3rd – 5th grade, led by Gaye Stafford, and 6th – 8thgrade, led by our church’s Assistant Children’s Pastor, Brent Faulk.  Students will work in teams with hands-on training in building each team’s own robotic unit.  The training involves building and programming the robotic unit through computer interface to manage sensory robotic manipulators.  The “NXT Robotics System,” we are using is also used in schools across the nation for curriculum and extra-curricular clubs and organizations. This opens opportunities for students involved to attend training with other area schools, and eventually, opportunities for local and statewide competition.

Parents, Please contact Mrs. Block via email at: deniseb@communitychurchorange.org. for more information or to sign-up for this exciting new program.  You may also find the following links helpful and interesting:

http://mindstorms.lego.com/ (for information on the LEGO NXT robotics)

http://robonaut.jsc.nasa.gov/  (for information on the NASA robotics program)

CLICK HERE for details

October 8, 2007

CCS Students Check Out NEW Shangri La Electric Boats
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We are pleased to announce that Shangri La will soon be open to area schools. To launch their new educational programs, two of our fourth-grade students were selected for the October 5th maiden voyage of the electric boats through the Cyprus swamps. Congratulations, James Pulliam and Matthew Rainey, pictured with Gaye Stafford, the Science teacher spearheading our involvement with Shangri La.

CCS teachers were invited to participate in an Educators’ Reception at Lutcher Theater before attending a special presentation by Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder.

The new programs at Shangri La provide a nature classroom experience for pre-school through college. “Students travel aboard the Nature Center boats to experience the wonders of the natural world.” Boardwalks trail through the cypress/tupelo swamps connecting a Nature Discovery Center, three Nature Center Outposts, a Children’s Garden, an Exhibit Hall, and the Theater. Shangri La is located at the corner of 16th street (Highway 87) and Park Avenue in Orange, Texas.

Our thanks to Michael Roke, Executive Director and visionary of Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center for his commitment to excellence and for including CCS in such an innovative endeavor.

October 8, 2007

Website PSAT Class

CCS is excited to announce a new college preparatory class under the tutelage of Dr. Fred Smith, Jr., ED. D., a graduate of Texas A&M and an education veteran of 43 years, and the JH/HS principal, Denise Block, M. Ed., an educator innovator for over 25 years. The class allows students in grades 9-12 the hands-on opportunity to work together each Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 as they utilize computer software, practice tests, and textbooks to learn the skills necessary to excel on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and PLAN ACT, tests directly linked to college admission.

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October 8, 2007

Volleyball Wins CCS Tourny
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On Friday, October 5, CCS hosted a volleyball tournament for five area junior high girls’ teams. After hours of exciting competition, the CCS Junior High girls won first place. Congratulations to our athletes and their coach, Jamie Foster.