2nd Grade

Building on a Firm Foundation

The second grade year builds upon the skills learned in first grade. Students expand their knowledge as they develop confidence and proficiency in reading and arithmetic, and concepts in grammar, history, and science.

Subject Text Description
Bible Positive Action for Christ Bible is the most important half hour of the school day. Bible time includes the pledges to the flags, patriotic songs, Bible hymns, memory verses, prayer time, and the Bible lesson. Students study the lives of Old Testament heroes and the life of Jesus.
Chapel Various SpeakersHonorable Character Program Chapel is primarily designed to train the students in Christian character. Character training is one of the supreme goals of Christian education.
Language  Arts ABEKA Phonics12 ABEKA ReadersShurley English

Motivation Reading

Accelerated Reader

AVKO Spelling

Fluency and comprehension are emphasized in reading at this level. Students continue to have formal phonics instruction. Critical thinking skills are emphasized through the Motivation Reading program. Independent reading is encouraged through the Accelerated Reader program. Spelling skills are taught through an audio, visual and kinesthetic approach which programs brains to see patterns. Grammar and punctuation skills are emphasized and creative writing skills are taught weekly.
Arithmetic ABEKA Arithmetic 2Speed Drills Manipulatives,  lectures, and games are used to teach and master concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication division, time, temperature, rounding, money, place value, geometry, physics, estimation, and measurement. Word problem strategies are emphasized.
Science/Health ABEKA Enjoying God’s WorldHealth, Safety, and Manners The science/health curriculum presents the universe as the direct creation of God. Students explore living things as well as physical scientific aspects of the earth, forces, systems, electric interaction, light, and shadows. The students have the opportunity to participate in a school-wide science fair through poster projects.
SLi SLi Curriculum SLi is a curriculum that is designed to train the students to serve others, with the goal of developing the student to become a servant-leader. Each class chooses a year-long mission or community service project.
Computer Technokids 

Education City

Computer class provides an engaging and informative environment for computer students. The program provides a comprehension unit designed to teach Microsoft suite. Many of the software programs incorporate exciting, interactive games to motivate learners. This level of computer is fine tuning keyboarding with interactive typing programs. Education City offers practice and enrichment in the areas of reading, math and science.
Music Music incorporates the use of the voice, listening skills, and various instruments to praise and worship God as our creator. Listening skills are developed by comparing and contrasting a variety of music.
Art Art is a hands-on multimedia course with an emphasis on creating artwork based on the basic elements and principles of art (line, shape, color, etc.). Students will demonstrate through their artwork how to use the elements of art to show movement and express feelings. The Biblical goal is to help the students realize that the Creation is God’s artwork and that He was the original Creator and master Artist. The second grade students have the opportunity to show their pieces in a school-wide art show. Those who advance will have their work sent to ACSI regional.
Library 10,000 plus books Literature helps students grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually by demonstrating discernment, aesthetic values, and character. The students meet characters in their reading who successfully conquer by doing what is right. They realize the inevitable results of wrong doing. Good literature points students to Christ, to the wonderful world of creation, to Christian principles, and to a study of human nature.
Physical Education Physical Education includes physical awareness, loco-motor skills, rhythmic activities, lead-up games for life-long fitness, and sports.