5th Grade

Moving Toward Independence

The fifth grade is a time of transition for children. Many students at this stage of development begin to grow toward independence. Spiritually, many students will begin to develop a strong personal faith in God. Academically, students are challenged to develop organizational and study skills as they develop logic and critical thinking.

Subject Text Description
Bible Positive Action for Christ Bible is the most important half hour of the school day. Bible time includes the pledges to the flags, patriotic songs, Bible hymns, memory verses, prayer time, and the Bible lesson. Students study the lives of Old Testament heroes and the New Testament plan of Salvation.
Chapel Various SpeakersHonorable Character Program Chapel meets weekly to pray, worship, and focus on God for 30 minutes. A variety of guest speakers and the classes themselves provide Biblical messages. Awards for character traits and other achievements are recognized.
Language  Arts ABEKA ReadersShurley English Motivation Reading

Accelerated Reader

AVKO Spelling

Novel: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Six-Trait Writing

Fluency and comprehension are emphasized in reading, while students are also instructed in word attack skills. Critical thinking skills are emphasized through the Motivation Reading program. Independent reading is encouraged through the Accelerated Reader program. Spelling skills are taught through an audio, visual and kinesthetic approach which programs brains to see patterns. Grammar and punctuation skills are emphasized and writing process skills are taught on a regular basis.
Acclerated Reader Library Computer This reading program is used in 4th – 10th grades to support reading and comprehension improvement. This program achieves this goal through using a combination of computer assessment and progress monitoring of students’ reading levels throughout the year.
History ABEKA Old World History and Geography Maps and Worksheets The history text begins with a study of the Middle East, where history began, and continues with the history, geography, and culture of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica. This course is a good introduction to world-wide missions and missionary heroes. Students compare and contrast Americanism and Communism. Students take a look at key documents in our country’s history and facts about our states, capitals, and presidents.
Arithmetic Bob Jones Math The emphasis is placed upon understanding and working with fractions and decimals. Students have their first introduction to percents. They expand their understanding of geometry, equations, measures, graphs, and other necessary skills and concepts. Students continue to develop their problem solving skills with daily story problems and frequent problem solving strategies. There is an ACSI Math Olympics.
Science/Health ACSI Purposeful Design Exploring God’s World Enjoying Good Health Students complete multiple experiments throughout the school year. They are given an opportunity to learn the scientific process as well as participate in a school-wide science fair. Students review the muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems of the human body. They learn the importance of nutrition and taking personal responsibility in overcoming spiritual battles. Weekly hands-on labs are held.
SLi SLi Curriculum SLi is a curriculum that is designed to train the students to serve others, with the goal of developing the student to become a servant-leader. Each class chooses a year-long mission or community service project.
Computer Techno KidsMavis Beacon Computer class provides an engaging and informative environment for computer students. Technokids provides a comprehensive unit designed to teach Microsoft suite. Many of the software programs incorporate exciting, interactive games to motivate learners.
Music Music focuses on God, our Creator. Students utilize their singing voices and listening skills to accompany rhythm bands, beats, measuring notes, high/low scales, chords, composers, and praise and worship. Students are given the opportunity to try out for elementary choir. In addition, try outs are held for a spring production.
Art There is an ACSI Art Competition.
Library 10,000 plus books Library time is a weekly event. Students learn basic library skills including: library etiquette, proper book care, identifying cover, pages, spine of a book, indexes, exploring call numbers, authors, illustrators, and genres of literature.
Physical Education Physical Education class is a time for releasing energy, developing attitudes of team work, and sportsmanship. Fifth grade students have the opportunity to play organized sports.