6th Grade

New Horizons

During this critical transition into adolescence, our sixth graders are encouraged to meet new challenges while pursuing the indepencence necessary for becoming self-confident and responsible adults. Acquiring self-discipline while working diligently toward achieving success aids them in developing self-confidence and healthy pride as good citizens and Ambassadors for Christ.

Subject Text Description
Bible Biblical Choices for a New Generation Bible is the most important half hour of the school day. Bible time includes the pledges to the flags, patriotic songs, Bible hymns, memory verses, prayer time, and the Bible lesson. Character development is the main focus
Chapel Various SpeakersHonorable Character Program Weekly chapel services include praise and worship as well as a variety of media used to train the students in ways of the Lord.
Language  Arts ABEKA Readers

Shurley English

Motivation Reading

Accelerated Reader

AVKO Spelling

Novel: Where the Red Fern Grows

Six-Trait Writing

Fluency and comprehension are emphasized in reading, while students are also instructed in word attack skills. Critical thinking skills are emphasized through the Motivation Reading program. Independent reading is encouraged through the Accelerated Reader program. Spelling skills are taught through an audio, visual and kinesthetic approach which programs brains to see patterns. Grammar and punctuation skills are emphasized and writing process skills are taught on a regular basis.
Acclerated Reader Library Computer This reading program is used in 4th – 10th grades to support reading and comprehension improvement. This program achieves this goal through using a combination of computer assessment and progress monitoring of students’ reading levels throughout the year.
History New World History & Geography Maps Studies & ReviewsNation Notebook This curriculum covers the cold lands of North America, Canada, the Eastern United States, the North American Plains, and the American West. The students learn about America’s colonial heritage, the New World’s first republic, expansion of evangelism, division and reunion, and the cause and effect of America’s growth and prosperity. The nations of South America will be studied.
Arithmetic Bob Jones Math Units of study include connecting arithmetic to algebra, decimals, measurement, patterns, number theory, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions, the geometry of polygons, integers, the coordinate plane, ratio and proportion, and percent. There is an ACSI Math Olympics.
Science/Health ACSI Purposeful Design Exploring God’s WorldEnjoying Good Health Students learn about a vast variety of invertebrates as they make an invertebrate zoo. The study of the plant kingdom is explored as they delve into the wonders of the earth. They study space which includes a study of well-known constellations and introduction to the concepts of light and motion. Various demonstrations, experiments, projects and research activities enhance this learning experience. Weekly hands-on labs are held.
SLi SLi Curriculum Students will participate in a school-wide program that develops servant-leaders. Each class chooses a year-long mission or community service project.
Computer Two state-of-the-art computer labsTechno Kids

Mavis Beacon

Students use the labs throughout the year to research topics. Students enjoy drafting and creating PowerPoint presentations to teach peers.
Music Sixth grade students are offered the opportunity to perform a spring play and junior high choir.
Art There is an ACSI Art Competition.
Library 10,000 plus books Students engage in basic library skills: library etiquette, proper book care, identifying the cover, pages, spine of a book, indexes, exploring call numbers, authors, illustrators, genres of literature, the Dewey Decimal System, and the electronic encyclopedia, Students learn the skills of researching, using the internet, writing note cards, and writing a bibliography.
Physical Education Physical Education includes physical awareness, loco-motor skills, rhythmic activities, lead-up games for life-long fitness, and sports.
Organized Sports TAPPS Basketball, track, golf, soccer, cross country, tennis and softball teams for both boys and girls are offered. Girls’ volleyball is offered in the fall.