Excellent Extra-curricular Activities

CCS is a school with opportunities for outstanding academics, and is also a school which offers opportunities for spiritual, social, and emotional growth. Students have numerous opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom. These activities help students to develop leadership skills – and at the same time have fun.

Grades Activity Description
Junior High Junior National Honor Society In 2002-03, we received our charter for JNHS. Open to 7th and 8th graders with a 93 or above average, this organization emphasizes academics, service, leadership, citizenship, and character.
Junior High ACSI Competitions Through the Association of Christian Schools International, junior high students compete with other schools in speech, math, and writing; medals and/or ribbons are presented based on the level of proficiency.
High School National Honor Society To qualify for NHS, a student must have a 90 average. NHS emphasizes academics, service, leadership, and character. NHS meets monthly, and students participate in service projects and fundraisers.
Junior High & Senior High Student Council Student Council members are elected in the spring of the previous school year. Students must have teacher recommendations and meet designated standards in order to participate. There are elected officers and a representative from each grade. The Student Council meets monthly and is involved in many activities of the school life.
7th – 12th  Grades See You at the Pole National Day of Prayer These prayer opportunities/activities are sponsored by the Student Council. See You at the Pole is in September; National Day of Prayer is in May. Parents are encouraged to participate with the students.
High School Cross Talk Cross Talk is a student-initiated, student-led drama group that meets with a sponsor each week. The students present skits, interactive programs and short drama for chapel, organizations, etc.
High School Worship Team

Sound Team

The Worship Team meets each morning before school starts and during the homeroom period. The students and their sponsor are part of a band and singers who lead worship in weekly chapel. The Sound Team meets weekly. Under the guidance of their sponsors, the students learn the basics of using the soundboard, setting up necessary equipment, and demonstrating responsibility for the use of the equipment for chapel, meetings, and productions.
Junior High & Senior High Student Leadership Institute (SLi) SLi was initiated in 2007-08. Students attended a leadership conference in the spring of the previous year. SLi is an organization that seeks to develop leaders for both the present and the future church and society. Membership is optional. In the fall of 2007, students spent a day at Dry Creek Baptist Encampment. They participated in group games, a ropes course, rifle range and archery activities. The group meets weekly in either small or large groups. They are given opportunities to develop the ability to think critically and to defend their faith. They are also given opportunities to participate in service projects and mission trips.
7th – 12th Ambassadors Club SLi students are chosen to represent the school and greet visitors. They meet with their sponsor and are taught the history of the school, our mission, etc. When parents or members of the public visit, these students greet them, take them on a tour of the school, answer questions, and help in any way needed.
7th – 12th Sports Ambassadors Team Interested SLi students work together to meet the needs of visiting coaches and teams during sports competitions. These students seek to not only demonstrate hospitality, but to minister to others.
High School 1.0 credit Multimedia
Junior High & Senior High Cheerleaders Cheerleaders are elected in the spring of the previous school year. Students must have teacher recommendations and meet designated standards in order to participate. The cheerleaders and their sponsors not only prepare for games, but also for competitions. CCS cheerleaders have won first place in national competitions.
High School Learning Resource Center (LRC) LRC meets after school twice a week with teachers who offer help in students’ weak academic areas. This is voluntary on the part of both students and the teachers. Student participation is outstanding.
Junior High & Senior High Service Opportunities Students participate in numerous service activities. These include:

  • Texas Highway Cleanup Program
  • visitation in nursing homes
  • cleanup around the school
  • assisting the elderly with yard work
  • tutoring/mentoring students
  • Blue Santa Program
  • Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Ministry
  • Christmas cards for veterans
  • aid to teachers
  • clean-up and labor projects
  • short mission projects
Junior High & Senior High Sports Program CCS is a member school of TAAPS and participates in various sports events. CCS students (boys and girls) have won awards at district and state level. Students participate in:

  • football
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • soccer
  • baseball
  • softball
  • tennis
  • golf
  • track
  • cross country
High School School Newspaper

School Annual

The journalism students and the teacher publish a school newspaper twice a month that covers preschool through 12th grade. The yearbook students and the teacher do all layouts for the school annual; the annual is published by Taylor Publishing Company. Both of these activities give students opportunities to develop creativity and organization skills.
12th Grade Senior Honor Luncheon The Greater Orange Chamber of Commerce honors those seniors in area schools that graduate as Honor Students. This luncheon is in May. The counselor and administrator attend with our students.
High School Student of the Month The Greater Orange Chamber of Commerce recognizes a student of the month chosen from each area school twice a year. This student is chosen by the faculty based on designated criteria.
High School Citizen Bee Students interested in government meet three times a week with the sponsor. Students study history facts in preparation for state level competitions.
6th – 12th Homecoming Each fall the students have a homecoming banquet. The banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the sports teams (and an opportunity to wear formal dress). The student body elects a homecoming court which is announced at this banquet.
12th Senior Activities Each year the senior class has special activities in the spring. These include a surprise come-as-you-are breakfast, a junior-senior party, senior mission trip, senior prom, senior honor chapel, and GRADUATION.