Junior High

Lockers, Schedules, Changing Classes

Seventh graders enter junior high expectantly and eagerly. No longer do they have to walk in line to class; there seems to be so much more free time. However, they have to get to class on their own and on time! Suddenly, too many things have changed and uncertainty sets in. Procedures that have been like trusted friends have now changed. The students are thrust into a world that requires self-discipline and organization. Instead of learning what one or two teachers want, now there are multiple teachers. However, after the first semester of seventh grade, things begin to “even out.”

The world of junior high is challenging and exciting. Students discover a wealth of extra-curricular activities and must learn to balance these with academics. By the end of this junior high experience, students are better prepared for that period called high school.

Subject Text Description
Bible 7th Positive Action for ChristBible This course focuses on the basic truths of the Bible in relation to the Holy Spirit, the believer’s growth, the church, the spirit world, future events, Heaven, and hell. Students are challenged to think through personal application to their daily lives.
Bible 8th Positive Action for ChristBible This course presents in-depth study of the lives of Biblical characters. Using both positive and negative examples, students learn from the context of a person’s life how to face both the challenges of daily living and the challenges of overwhelming experiences. The emphasis is the Romans 8:28 principle.
English Bob Jones All English courses incorporate Write Source and utilizes Criterion for immediate feedback on the writing experience.
English 7th ABEKA:
Of PeopleGrammar and Composition 1

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry 1

Bob Jones:
Vocabulary Cartoon SAT Words

English continues building on previous skills while adding new ones – especially in the area of grammar. Spelling is used to improve spelling skills and to strengthen vocabulary skills. Oral and written communication skills are emphasized.
English 8th ABEKA:
Of PlacesGrammar and Composition 2

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry 2

Bob Jones:
Vocabulary Cartoon SAT Words

English continues building on previous skills while adding new ones – especially in the area of grammar. Spelling is used to improve spelling skills and to strengthen vocabulary skills. Oral and written communication skills are emphasized.
Classic Novels
7th & 8th
Across Five AprilsThe Red Badge of Courage

Tom Sawyer

These classic novels are taught with study guides from Progeny Press emphasizing critical thinking skills from a biblical perspective.
Math 7th Bob Jones :
Basic Mathematics
This course gives a strong review of all arithmetic concepts and skills with a year-long emphasis upon mastering and applying percents. Two units on basic algebra give the junior-high student the foundation needed to enjoy and succeed in high school algebra. Practical topics and problem solving strategies help students develop needed problem-solving skills.
Math 8th Bob Jones:
This course helps to ease the transition from arithmetic to algebra. Students progress quickly from working with numerical expressions to evaluating algebraic expressions with whole numbers, decimals, integers, and rational numbers. Students are taught problem-solving and sound reasoning skills.
Science 7th ABEKA:
Science Order and RealityA Healthier You
Students are introduced to the scientific method and encouraged to apply it. The course includes a study of soil science, plants, the human body, principles of physical science, atmospheric science, the weather, classification, microscopy, creation, and insects. It also includes a study of basic health.
Science 8th ABEKA:
Matter and Motion in God’s UniverseLet’s be Healthy
This course is taught from the perspective of the founders of modern science: the belief that God is the Creator of the universe and the Originator of its order, reason, and reality, and that science is one way for man to control and master the physical world for the benefit of mankind. It includes a study of astronomy, the basic principles of matter and motion, magnetism and electricity and science versus the false philosophy of evolution. It also includes a study of basic health.
History 7th ABEKA:
History of the WorldEastern Hemisphere Atlas and Geography Studies
This course leads students on a journey through time from Creation to the late twentieth century. The Christian perspective is the thread that connects the past to the present, teaching students to recognize the hand of God in human events. Colorful maps provide students with a geographic setting for historical events; time lines help them place events in the chronology of world history.
History 8th ABEKA:
America: Land I LoveWestern Hemisphere Geography Studies and Projects
This course presents the history of America from the 1490’s to the present, with special emphasis on the personalities and events that shaped the American character. A variety of illustrations, maps, and photographs are used to explore the past. Through the story of America’s rise to greatness, students will learn to recognize the hand of God in history and to appreciate the influence of Christianity in government, economics, and society. A variety of map projects involve the student in learning important geographical information.
PE 7th & 8th Sports Driven Curriculum PE teaches skills and activities to develop the body to perform. Physical education builds godly character through teamwork, competition, and student interaction. Games and athletic competition provide mini pictures of the Christian life.
Computer Literacy Prentice Hall:
Keyboarding and Computer Applications
This 7th grade course focuses on basic keyboarding posture and skills, introduction to Microsoft Windows and Word, word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and communications. Students work in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and the Internet.
Theatre Arts Glencoe:
Exploring Theatre
This course is taught either in 7th or 8th grade. Students are introduced to basic acting skills such as improvisation, characterization, role preparation, and stage movement. They are guided through the production process from selecting a play and its cast to working creatively and safely behind the scenes.  The course also includes storytelling, clowning, oral interpretation, readers’, theatre, and puppetry.
Art Bob Jones:
Drawing for TeachersABEKA:
This course is offered in junior high as needed. The course seeks to help students understand and apply the basic principles and rules of drawing. Students are also introduced to art appreciation.