Laying the Groundwork

Community Christian School provides kindergarteners with a Christ-centered environment to educate the “whole child” as they develop a loving relationship with their Heavenly Father. Our instructional goals are designed to provide a challenging and fun-filled curriculum which creates a foundation where a student grows spiritually and academically for the future.

Subject Text Description
Bible Postive Action for Christ

Alphabet/Scripture Cards

Bible includes teaching Old and New Testament stories, beginning with creation, and concluding with an emphasis on Jesus spreading the Good News. The lessons are composed of stories, crafts, and songs that apply to everyday living. The students will develop an understanding of God’s love. Bible memorization is a vital part of the curriculum.
Chapel Various Speakers

Honorable Character Program

Chapel is primarily designed to train the students in Christian character. Character training is one of the supreme goals of Christian education.
Language  Arts ABEKALetters and SoundsLanguage

Basic Phonics


Language Arts is a phonics-based program. Students attend reading groups where they study phonics, sight words, punctuation, expression, and reading comprehension.
Recreational Reading Book It Reading Program Students have the opportunity to be involved with two extracurricular reading programs. These programs enrich and reward the students for books read.
Arithmetic ABEKANumbers Skills K Arithmetic is taught with a variety of manipulatives and games. Concepts such as money, time, addition, subtraction, solids, shapes, patterns, measurements, sorting, and classification are explored. Through development of these concepts students become problem solvers and develop a growing appreciation for arithmetic.
SLi SLi SLi is a curriculum that is designed to train the students to serve others, with the goal of developing the student to become a servant-leader. Each elementary class chooses a year-long mission or community service project.
History ABEKA

Social Studies K

Community Helpers Visuals

America: Our Great Country

The social studies curriculum introduces the students to a variety of social studies topics: community helpers, America: Our Country, children of the world. As they learn about people and places, special units will help the students apply what they have learned to their own lives.
Computer Read, Write and TypeEducation City Computer class offers students an enjoyable way to learn to write, type and read as they master a series of simple finger strokes on the keyboard. The program’s colorful, articulate characters guide children through 40 speech sounds (phonemes), adding each new sound to the previous ones in a systematic sequence. Education City offers practice and enrichment in the areas of science, math and reading.
Music Music and students naturally go together. Students will learn to love music as they learn new songs. They learn the importance of pitch by following the hand of the music teacher during the song. This indicates when the melody goes up and down. Students learn to capture the spirit of a song.
Art Art is a hands-on, multimedia course with an emphasis on creating artwork based on the basic elements and principles such as line, shape, color, etc. The Biblical goal is to help the students realize that the Creation is God’s artwork and that he was the original Creator and master Artist. There is also an ACSI art competition.
Library 10,000 plus books The students are introduced to basic library skills: library etiquette, proper books care, identifying the cover, pages, spine of a book, exploring call numbers, being introduced to authors, illustrators, and entering into literature appreciation.
Physical Education Physical Education includes physical awareness, loco-motor skills, rhythmic activities, and games to develop coordination and life-long fitness.