Administration & Supporting Staff.

Sarah Hinton


Lisa Berwick

SLI Director/Activities Coordinator

Denise Sylestine

Administrative Assistant

JC Copley

Athletic Director

Taryn Quinn

Preschool Director

Lisa Hogan

Preschool Assistant Director

Amanda Brittnell

 JH /HS teacher

Debbie Snyder

JH/HS Teacher/Tutor

Latisha Neil

K3 Teacher

Emily ford

Elementary teacher

Vanessa Spring

Kindergarten teacher

Lisa Gomez


Steve Aaron

JH/HS Teacher

Tracy Kidder

Elementary teacher

Courtney Garner

Jh/Hs teacher

Stephany Tindall

Elementary Teacher

Stormi Goodwin

K2 Teacher

Marilyn Sylestine

Jh/Hs teacher

Heather Clark

K3 Teacher

Anne Matthews


Cindy Ford

Finance Office

Shelly Bass

Finance Office

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